Friday, August 31, 2012

Tip of the Day

We're trying something new here today...tiny DIY tips.
We won't be showing you how to refinish furniture or how to build your own garden planter using only a piece of wood...but we will be showing you fun little tips that are going to make things a little easier around the house.

Today Kandace showed me this awesome trick for hanging any frame you might have that doesn't have a hook.

Things you're going to need: 

- 1 frame with no hook
- 2 screws or nails (your preference...we used screws)
- 1 pop of your choice...we really only need the tab for this project but you might as well go ahead and drink it while you're at it.
Thats it! 

Step 1: 
Drink a can of pop for its tab and then assemble all your items

Step 2:
Screw...or nail in your tab through the larger opening onto the frame

Step 3:
Hang up your new frame and enjoy it! You might not have refinished a table but you got to hang that frame that has been sitting around your house and drink a pop too! Go you!!


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