Tuesday, January 24, 2012

personal spaces #2..

 This is the most recent bed/bedding addition to our home.
 You might notice the Adele Champagne Shams at the back of this bed as well (this picture was taken before the ones in the last post).
Our Revelle rep came in bearing loads of new samples and when I saw these dove sheets - I knew they were what I was after.
{ I'd been looking for sheets to replace a set of jersey knit ones that were.. lets just say done.
 Have you ever slept on Jersey Knit sheets? They are really as comfortable as a t-shirt - I remember one episode of Oprah where she was ranting on about them.
I could rant on about them myself now having heeded her claim. But it was time for new ones.}
[we have new ones in stock and they are worth looking at]

 The top of the bed is a Quilted Linen Coverlet from Bella Notte in Sable probably my favourite piece of bedding in the house right now. It's a perfect fit!
Since this picture was taken I've replaced the Adele shams with a white and multi colour Revelle Paisley pair. This new look is based on the picture below.
I love it and wanted to incorporate a bit of paisley if I could. :)

This is really a bit of a risk - this sharing business - putting it all out there for judging.
 There's always something we want to change and for me in this room it's the wall colour. It will happen at some point but for now it's only a want.

personal spaces..

 I thought I would go out on a limb today and share my own winter bedroom.. It's been 3 years now that I've worked at olive and elle. Over that time I've been able to test out my style and preferences on all of you.
 For me at home creamy tones are my go to.
So as you'll notice  this bed has a whole lot of that going on.
 Just before Christmas I decided that my Bella Notte linen sheets just weren't warm enough so on went my Dormisette flannels. So Cozy now.
This bed has happened over time - the Adele Champagne shams were a christmas gift from my Mother In Law a few years ago. {I know eh - she's very generous}
The Quilted linen throw pillows I pretty much decided I had to have after seeing in another store where Bella Notte is sold.
The front and center little linen one in the middle was a spur of the moment,  Linda was ordering and asked if I wanted anything kind of purchase. I love all of them and they get moved in between the three bedrooms in the house in any given season.
I know it's not very bold or colourful but I find I like options and these purchases have allowed for that.
There are a few other little olive and elle finds on the bedside tables you might notice. The balls were a gift from Linda,  I love those balls (still some in store if they are something you love too) and then the little Fringe tray is a pretty little place to put little bits.