Friday, August 31, 2012

Tip of the Day

We're trying something new here today...tiny DIY tips.
We won't be showing you how to refinish furniture or how to build your own garden planter using only a piece of wood...but we will be showing you fun little tips that are going to make things a little easier around the house.

Today Kandace showed me this awesome trick for hanging any frame you might have that doesn't have a hook.

Things you're going to need: 

- 1 frame with no hook
- 2 screws or nails (your preference...we used screws)
- 1 pop of your choice...we really only need the tab for this project but you might as well go ahead and drink it while you're at it.
Thats it! 

Step 1: 
Drink a can of pop for its tab and then assemble all your items

Step 2:
Screw...or nail in your tab through the larger opening onto the frame

Step 3:
Hang up your new frame and enjoy it! You might not have refinished a table but you got to hang that frame that has been sitting around your house and drink a pop too! Go you!!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Midsummer Dream

Here at olive & elle we have this secret courtyard. Most days its pretty empty...
"maybe Les could come out next Spring and level it off" was what Tegan had said to Linda only a few weeks ago

Even though it's empty and underused we are always dreaming up ways to make it better and then Saturday night our dreams came true....

Quietly Les & Linda had worked to make the most beautiful staff dinner! 

This beautiful table was set up without Kandace or Tegan even suspecting it!

The first course, created by Chef Graham Momer, we couldn't have dreamed of anything better

His menu for the evening was created to feature local farm offerings and had been paired with local wines picked from the very helpful Discovery Wines

One of our favourite wines from Black Hills
A beautiful cold bar.

The lighting was provided by this stunning floor lamp and strings of twinkle lights.

here we are still wowed at Linda's ability to keep this all from us

Kandace's face sums up the emotions for the evening. Bliss!

Our olive & elle family and partners

We could not get enough of how good everything looked

girls were gifted with lovely artisan champagne rose jelly tied off with velvet ribbons 

Does this table not look like something out of a magazine or design blog?
being presented with our first course 

of seared blackened tuna with marinated okanagan vegetables and aoli
cheers to the chef and the hostess!

Words cannot capture how amazing this evening was

It was like our own little slice of New York for the evening 

These hurricanes look incredible with candles!

Setting the mood


Who knew this little alcove was even there, previously hidden, we couldn't see this space any other way now!

Tegan all aglow

Second course arrives 

Linda looking perfect in her red dress!
local heirloom tomato salad with piave and a basil vinaigrette

paired with rose' from Naramata La Joie

Les is our favourite guy! We couldn't believe he was back there working all day and none of us clued in!

our consummate host Linda outdid herself.
We  would just like to say THANK YOU, LINDA!!!!!
you put up with us gracefully, treat us with respect and have allowed us our visions {sometimes with an eyebrow raised}.
We cannot thank you for a more special and perfect evening so thoughtfully put together with us in mind! XOX Kandace & Tega

a midsummer nights dream truthfully!