Tuesday, August 6, 2013

in store now..

the coolest light ropes - make up your own light fixture, imagination is all they take!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Bed Time with olive and elle.

    Here at o&e, we tend to consider ourselves bedding fanatics. We could go on and on about the quality of sheets, the different types of cotton, thread count, the loft of duvets and....well you get the idea, we love bedding!! These things excite us and we are always happy to share our tips and tricks for the perfect nights sleep! In fact with summer upon us we thought we'd show you some of our favourite items for the bedroom that will have you wishing the sun didn't rise quite so early this time of year. 
Duvets are where the bed really starts. All of our duvets and pillow inserts are made by St.Geneve , a Canadian company located in Richmond B.C. While traditional feather duvets provide the fluffy-ness we crave on cool fall and winter nights, we suggest switching to a silk duvet for summer, the lighter filling is perfect for those warm evenings.
Treat yourself to these luxurious 300 thread count Capri sheets from St. Geneve . The Egyptian Cotton Sateen fabric is milled in Italy and available in...are you ready...98 glorious colours! 
Satin Pillowcases sky-rocketed to fame thanks to  Oprah (one of her favourite things). These amazing pillowcase save your hair from bedhead, and your skin from any little sleep lines on the face. Bella Notte makes our favourite version, available with or without lace detail in 19 different colours. 
And for the top of the bed, pictured in this photo... Angelica duvet cover by Revelle, a beautifully relaxed linen duvet cover by Bella Notte along with one of their Chesapeake coverlets to either lay at the foot of the bed or use with a top sheet during the summer months.

Caldrea makes some of the best cleaning products and their laundry detergent is no exception!
Available in 6 fabulous scents including Sea Salt Neroli, Sweet Pea and Lavender Pine, all perfect for summer! 
The final product! A mix of Revelle and Bella Notte Linens atop our Dwell Studio Bed!
One more thing...the cherry on top, if you will. A House & Home Candle (New York) specifically for the Master Bedroom. This candle combines the scents of relaxing Chamomile and Lavender. Perfection. Sweet Dreams.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outside Enthusiasm with olive and elle

The month of May has brought with it some unusually nice weather...even by Okanagan standards. Instead of enjoying the sun from inside we thought this was a perfect time to take the shop outside! We packed up some of our favourite summer accessories and headed out into the most beautiful summer day!
Expect the unexpected...our photo shoot has shown us the beauty in the unexpected...and while you might not be hanging this runner from Dwell Studio in your tree any time soon, the possibility of patio use might just cross your mind!  
Dandelion puffs have never looked so good. A chair by Dwell Studio is nestled  in our courtyard  waiting for someone to come and relax with a good book. The side table adds that extra pop of colour, perfect for a patio! 
Summer picnics revamped! Gone is the classic checked blanket , replaced here with a vintage one of a kind  Kantha , and some very comfortable jute poufs. All that's missing is a bottle of Okanagan wine and a sun hat. 
Speaking of picnics...this rattan basket is perfect for transporting all of your picnic essentials out to your favourite spot . The colourful wine glasses from Roost add a bit of summer to any table!
Quiet evenings, with cool lake breezes, and  fresh flowers are all we can think about with this photo. Bella Notte Linen curtain panels soften any room...indoor or out. 
Candles in scents like Spanish Lime, Sweet Almond and Honeysuckle.  Patio or bedroom, these smell too good to pass up.

We had so much fun taking things outside, and love what natural light can do for a piece! Now we're just waiting for the next beautiful summer day so we can pack up and have a picnic of our own...and of course you're invited! 

xoxo o&e.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

On Staff Favourites and things we can't stop loving!

Spring is here at olive & elle, and that means new arrivals! This year we're extra excited about our new items because they're coming from our buying trip in New York!!! As things arrive we've been putting out our 'Staff Favourite' signs...but we have a tiny confession to make...the whole store is our favourite right now!! It's hard to pick just a few things to feature as 'favourites' but below are some of the things that we can't resist!

 Claus Porto all the way from Portugal, makes some of the best smelling soaps and bath salts! If the packaging isn't enough to make you fall in love, wait until you smell it! (Almond is our favourite)
 Bar soap from Claus Porto, perfect for the guest bathroom, but almost too good to share! 
 Our lovely House & Home candles are back in the shop. Beautiful artisan glass vessels hold some of the most incredible scents and the classic packaging comes with a room suggestion for your new candle or diffuser! We're loving French Lilac (for the pool house) or Orange Cilantro (for the kitchen) 
 Vintage glass hobnail candles from K.Hall make the perfect gift! New scents for spring, like Honeysuckle and Spanish Lime, make the choice difficult.
 Our 'orchard room' has everything you might need for a spring-time patio in the Okanagan. 
 Beautiful wooden serving trays, bowls and spoons make a weekend with friends even more enjoyable
Bright coloured fruit and veggie tea towels add a little splash of spring to the kitchen! 

Even more new things are arriving, so make sure to check Facebook for daily updates! 


Friday, November 16, 2012

this holiday season..

We did up a bed for HOT HOLIDAY HOMES..

Using Dwell Studio bedding and a few extras from around the store.

Our Holiday window includes the cutest of rinks

here it is just before completion.

starting to look like a snowy scene

cozying pieces.

just some of our woodland critters & quality throws 

taking things up a notch~ this is our glam bed done up with peach & ginger Bella Notte

new line for us --- loving it!! 

our very own hot cocoa mix 

I just love this display is reminds me of the fruit trucks I used to see in my neighbourhood each spring and fall
quite possibly the best light in the store right now.. 

santa claus is coming to town! dishes, glassware and sweets!

Caldrea's Christmas scents are sure to please. I get very excited about giving this to my kin.

oysters on ice a part of your holiday traditions? these sparkly serving pieces are really very beautiful!

We waited and waited - they arrived a few days late for our Saturday special but sooooooooooo gorgeous!

I think my neighbour might just like this plate under her tree.. peacock glam!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Tip of the Day

We're trying something new here today...tiny DIY tips.
We won't be showing you how to refinish furniture or how to build your own garden planter using only a piece of wood...but we will be showing you fun little tips that are going to make things a little easier around the house.

Today Kandace showed me this awesome trick for hanging any frame you might have that doesn't have a hook.

Things you're going to need: 

- 1 frame with no hook
- 2 screws or nails (your preference...we used screws)
- 1 pop of your choice...we really only need the tab for this project but you might as well go ahead and drink it while you're at it.
Thats it! 

Step 1: 
Drink a can of pop for its tab and then assemble all your items

Step 2:
Screw...or nail in your tab through the larger opening onto the frame

Step 3:
Hang up your new frame and enjoy it! You might not have refinished a table but you got to hang that frame that has been sitting around your house and drink a pop too! Go you!!